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Why have Quanti contacted me?

Firstly, because we’re looking for the most talented research and engineering minds from all manner of quantitative backgrounds.

Secondly, because we think there may be something about your background and your skillset that could be of interest to our world-class clients.

Lastly, but certainly most importantly, because we believe there could be a great career move around the corner for you.


How can Quanti help me?

We can connect you with great companies and great job opportunities. We will guide you through interview processes and negotiate your dream job offer.


What type of jobs / companies are these?

High impact. Our clients have roles available in both research and engineering. All of them affect the bottom line.

For researchers, this means solving some of the most challenging quantitative problems out there. For engineers, this means building the systems that power this research.

As for the companies, we work with pioneering quantitative research groups. They are the very best at what they do and how they do it. These are small, tight-knit teams made up of brilliant individuals. These places are long-term homes for long-term success.


What is the culture like at these companies?

Intellectually curious. Collaborative. Creative. Innovative. Flexible. Healthy. Happy.


Where are these opportunities based?

Currently, we work with companies in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific.


As a candidate, do I have to pay for this service?

No, our services to you are completely free.


When can I apply? Is there a deadline?

Nope, no deadline. The companies we work with are very flexible. You start the interview process when you’re ready. These companies will wait for the right person.